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Camden Council/ CASS/- April '22

In the Spring of 2022 we were awarded a Community Impact Resilience Fund to support our community through the effects of the pandemic (to help those affected with long over-19 to access services  and recover fitness). These funds will allow us to launch our project between April 2022 and April 2023. So we are hugely grateful to Camden Council for the award of this grant. 

   Project Officer: Dr. Hamba Wanzola

Hamba Wanzola, project officer of this project starts in September 2021 to 02 July 2023 based on numeracy / literacy for young people online teaching in London/Camden. many thanks YCF for awarding CASS.



In July 2020, We had been granted a small grant from our partner: CBL that we appreciate their partnership. Dorcas Wanzola and Nanou Thassinda conducted this project from the scratch to completion.

The completion of this project is in March 2021, whether 9 months as £500 per months wisely spent by staffs, volunteers and disadvantaged families in the confinement period of struggle. The project went smoothly great, therefore the final evaluation is been established by project officers to ensure the Funder how wisely the fund has been spent, in order to keep rapport and eye in what we are doing. Once again, Big Thank you.

                                                Project Officers: Dorcas BA (hons) & Nanou (MSc)



We would like to massively thank the National Lottery Fund Community for granting the Cartesians Academy for this CASS, Project ID: 20148769 : Filling the Gap over Covid-19  through Learning from November to April 2021. 

The final report deadline will be on 21 May 2021 @17h00. The project started with 74 young people and on going the Cass Education had registered 27 young people so far, which a good progress in this pandemic period.  About 80% of or learners would like to keep this school forward according to February 2021 survey. Many thanks.

                                             Dr Hamba Wanzola & Mr Mpinzi Muakatubi BA (hons)



This project is the last instalment of the project conducted in 2019-2020. I was paid in November 2020. Massive thank you to YCF and Camden Learning for granting the academy. We hope that our aims and objectives have a purpose for our future generations to benefit as highlighted in the background. In June 2019, I received a phone call from the council Camden Learning to urgently reopen the school, which was closed under the old name to minimise to protect children against criminal activities and anti social behaviour in street of Camden. This YCF project is being finalised in April 2021.

Our young people are committed and enjoying to study in this way.  The P.O who started of this project is o longer with the academy. I took over to carry on with routine day in day out issues. Thank them both so much for their partnership with the Cartesians Academy.                

                                                                                         Dr Hamba Wanzola, P.O.


Again, massive thank you for being granted the First instalment of the small grant (on 30 March 2021) to continue running our numerous projects over education and to keep training our teachers/ volunteers. This grant is being finalised while we are waiting to be awarded a Quality Mark. Two teachers are being trained by our privileged partner: National Resource Centre for Supplementary School- NRCSE to gain the quality mark on 3 December 2021. 

                                                                  P. O: Mpinzi Muakatubi BA (hons)

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