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Partnership provides a framework for how working with external organisations should be initiated, managed, and maintained to ensure transparency, maintain our independent voice and manage conflicts of interest.


The Cartesians Academy will be transparent about the sources of all funding and about any involvement of the sponsor in the activity. Our website will list all funders who have provided support in the current year and all of our current members. All externally sponsored or funded projects e.g. events or reports will state the source of funding. For events, the source of any sponsorship will be made clear in writing or verbally at the start of the event. Specific figures detailing level of financial support are not required to be displayed publicly but are available by request to CASS. Such statements will also make it clear whether the activity is a collaboration or the funder has no say in the activity or content.


Alone, we cannot properly work. Therefore, we work together to be strong. The new world now does work with partners to be strong. Therefore, the Cartesians Academy Supplementary School has a diverse range of partners: Funders, Donors, institutions and organisations, schools, parents, students, volunteers, etc.

Below are some of potential partners currently working with our school:

National Lottery Community Fund, Award 4 All (AFE) ,

Youth Camden Forum,

Camden Learning & other local NGOs journal

Mary Bro Foundation publishing

City Bridge London, HM Government, John Lyons,

Ironmongers charity, 

Mayor of London, Chorale Negro,

Camden Council, Wix-website, Verdant Accountant, Protectivity Liability Insurance 

National Resources Centre for Supplementary Education-NRCSE

Charity Commission, Metro Bank, Currys PC,
Queens Crescent Community Centre- DBS, Ombudman, 

Voluntary Action Camden, Social Services, Police, Cartridgesaver, Members, etc

Many foundations summits, Alec Dickson

Bicester ONG Kinshasa-BV-​/ CONTACTS: YaPady, Herve et Sam for advice.

Partners are needed to freely join the Cartesians Academy

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