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The Cartesians Academy Supplementary school-CASS signed a one year contract with IXL provider of Curricular resources. From Y1-Y11 and above have an IXL account to use these resources. We urge to parents to encourage children to practice ixl interactive learning. .Parents have to keep ixl and zoom logging safe  for data protection.

* The DRCongo is declining every day. What do you have in mind? The storm in December 22 has killed more than 126 people in Kinshasa alone and roads destroyed.

"MAJOR ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGES ANTICIPATED FOR KINSHASA, AS A RESULT OF CLIMATE CHANGE-2012", is a research that can resolve these environmental issues.


* Thank you YCF for granting the Cartesians Academy this year 2022/2023.


* anyone is struggling to register or contact us online, please email or telephone.

We are more than happy to help you at anytime.

Our Member Evelyn had 2 surgeries in the usa and back to Leeds, with two high bills to pay. She waiting her travel insurance to cover the claim, Pray that all go fine while she is not 100% fittest!


The academic calendar is out from 17 September to 2 July 2022/2023 

* Some parents gave consent to post their children pics on our website, good news!


* Reliance Impact project is underway for the post pandemic Camden residents until 5 May 2023 and education will be terminated on 2 July 2023.


Today 3 December becomes an official recognition for the Cartesians Academy. We congratulate our strong team for this tremendous achievement in this post pandemic period! In the Lord, we trust **

* .Parents will be informed to contact the school anytime in over the phone: 07553181765.

The Cartesians Academy Supplementary School-CASS 

Highgate Road Chapel, Camden NW5 1BU

Equal Opportunity and Non-Profit Organisations.

In response to Covid-19 best practices, this school is no longer face to face. We are running virtual learning on Zoom to children and young people from 6 -19 (KS1-KS4). 

The academy was founded to direct Congolese young people from street anti-social behaviour and criminal activity to make them busy after schools who achieved poor marks in GCSE & A-Level in English and Maths in Camden Education Report in 2010 -2011.

Therefore, in 2012, Parents set up this voluntary organisation, which reducing the number of killing and overcome the under achievement through extra activities of their choice in Maths, English, Cultural Empowerment and Lingala.

CASS is dedicated to provide outstanding key skills such as discipline toward learning in following our …respect,… the community feels overwhelming since 2012 (9 years)

We have all required policies in place to run such school in following the NRCSE quality Mark  Award!

We assess, seek feedback, measure progress and success evaluate both students and teachers.

Young people will learn volunteering and leading a project

Please the main stream schools in Camden start sending Congolese students who experiencing learning difficulties to contact our free virtual learning every Saturday  from 13:00 to 15:00 pm.

We thank AFE and Bridge London response for granting CASS last year, the Monitoring Evaluations have been sent to them to see how their fund has been wisely spent. Bridge has confirmed the feedback and we thank them. Now we waiting from AFE to do the same.

Cass submitted two applications to John Lyons and Alec Dickson for different small projects and looking forward to hear from them.

Welcome pack is ready for everyone and your feedback is important to us

* New young people are welcome, happy to outreach more parents to contact;

*Camden Forum meeting, date not yet fixed

* 2 Teachers are finished their training with NRCSE - & waiting for the Quality Mark visit!

* Cass promotes to increase children and partners, so outreach is open to everyone

* No one is authorise to disclose any children, volunteers personal details to the public without prior consent.

* Our Zoom is working and we can open whenever. To access it you need to request for an ID & password.

Young people from the Cartesians Academy had a home work how to develop Congo on infrastructure, housing, health care, education, etc.

* Miradi, a testimony is out in April 21, the French version came out in December 2021 after a year for struggling from covid 67 days in hospital and miraculously healed.

* COVID-19 is still around and among us.Ensure you had your vaccine 1-2 & 3 booster, mask, cleaned hands

NHS advice on how to avoid spreading and manage coronavirus.

                                                                                                                                                                     NB.The contract with Six website will end on 5 April 2024.

Everyday matters! We must maintain social distancing at the loop. The Cartesians Academy is taking care to the pandemic measures. This is to make safe environment for everyone, including our staff.

This is because our community has lost between 24/12 to 4/1/2021 14 parents in London alone!, Most of them close friends and people we used to interact with! RIP.

*Ensure that when we come from outside;

*Please clean regularly with antiviral disinfectant that we can provide; 
* Always wash your hands before and after you touch IT equipment, doors, toilet, etc.

* Wear your mask when going out;

* When you have symptoms, then you need a test or call NHS on 111.

For more information. you can visit the UK Government website guidance.

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