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As a small organisation, due to cover-19 now operating online, our Cartesians Academy's management is being run by a stunning team of graduates and post-graduates, dedicated to deliver excellent and great quality service to the community.

Most of our decisions are collegial through AGM, extraordinary meeting, monthly meeting, consultation and different channels. Minutes are taken by an appointed trustee following the agenda. The Admin department circulates the minutes for the Committee 's approval. Before the next meeting, the agenda and the minutes are forward to attendees 10 working days before the meeting is arranged. All minutes are kept confidential on our share folder, under a password as well as hard copies locked in the coded cupboard.

The management has this structure: the Facilitator, supported by an assistant  for policy review, four teachers and 8 volunteers.

The academy had registered before in 2013-2016 about 68 students under Camden Congolese Supplementary School (CSSL). This school was closed in 2017. The Current school took over in September 2019. Now the academy started with 17 registered students, the number had significantly increased to 30 registered students.

The Trustee develops young people skills to empower challenge and drive everyday. Setting ourselves up for the future to transform the service we provide to our loving disadvantaged young people.

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