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Our Policies

The school has implemented 26 policies. According to NRCSE Bronze Quality Mark guide line, we put in place the following these three groups:

In introduction, we have School details and Statements of aims.

I. Welcome Pack for Parents

Registration Form, Parents/ School agreement incl. how to make suggestions or complaints, Consent forms-for trips, photos, etc, Safeguarding policy statement for parents, Code of behaviour incl. rewards and sanctions and E-Safety policy.

II. Staff and Volunteer handbook

List of staff and volunteers incl. DBS checks, Job descriptions and role descriptions

Code of conduct for staff, Child protection policy and procedures, Safety advice for staff, Staffing and volunteer policy incl. recruitment, induction and supervision, Health & safety policy and procedures, Risk assessment/ procedures for offsite visits and example of register of attendance.

III. Management Committee

List of management Committee incl. DBS checks

Equalities policy, Risk assessment and Financial rules/ control policy, incl. public liability.

Recruitment process​

The interview is part of our recruitment process which volunteers to have a detailed and in-depth discussion about their chosen role with CASS. Yes it may feel challenging and unfamiliar but, it is a great opportunity to talk to experts in m, enjoy experience and this may bring a significant achievement in itself.

Complaint policy: Cass complies to IRIS Mode to deal with it: Issues-Resolution- Investigation- Summary.

CASS is an anti bribery organisation, which mean do not accept corruption and money laundering, we stand on our reputation to do things right and fair for everybody. 

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