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Historical Facts

How and why this school has beencreatedThe Cartesians Academy is an adventure following the knifing/ shutting of so many young people in 2007, in London alone. 25% was Are-Congolese or British-Congolese if you do not mind to call them like that. This tragedy recalled our mindset. Therefore, parents, social workers, police and the Local Authority found a safe way forward to open a school where children can stop anti-social behaviour to activities that they can massively benefit, make a difference and change their life for ever. Another issue was the decline in Maths and English grades in GCSE and A-Level dramatically dropped according to Camden Report of 2010-2011. Since the school was set up, both the number of crime has dropped and the grade in Maths and English has increased afterward. Our students started achieving good grades in both subjects and went to good universities. Because of lack of consistency in funding the school was closed. In April 2019, Calvin Bungisa, our loving former student was shot dead in Camden. Again, the Local Authority call Dr. Hamba to reopen the school where they will provide funding. For that reason in September 2019, the Cartesians Academy was re-set up to keep young people busy in activities to boost their skills in academic and sport. 
From their feedback  this school is really helping leaders for tomorrow without knowing it.
List of yp killed in 2007 in London, 
Source: www.BBC news website
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