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Hamba Wanzola is Founder of TakeOff Links / NGOs in 2007 to help Congolese government in regenerating urban infrastructures, roads, education & schools, healthcare & hospitals, housing planning etc.


Hamba Wanzola, is a Congolese born in Kikongo Mission and grown up in Kinkosi / Kapu in the DRCongo. He did his primary school in EP. Kinkosi, in Bandundu province. Secondary school in CBCO Kimvula in Kintambo, then Bio Chime of Ndjili. I became a teacher of Maths, Technology and Geography for only a year (1979). Graduate in Business Administration (1987), then Licence in Applied Economy (1990). BA (hon) in Human Geography & Environmental Policy (1999), Master in International Development (2002), PhD in Science of Environment (2012). Other training certificates in Management (2003), Counselling (2006), Law (2007), Government Operations in Voluntary sector (2009), Teaching in Long Life Sector -TLLS (2010). 

Having spent 30 years in London, 16 years were spent in academic research . This, made him a knowledgeable person in diverse areas: he is very proud of it, as highlighted above and work experience below. He does not believe in qualification of work experience, he believe in the only Name above all names: Jesus-Christ, that he gives glory, honour and power for ever and ever.

Work Experience:

Hamba served as an Adviser at HM Department for Environment, Foods & Rural Affairs- Defra (1999-2007) underTony Blair Administration;  Customer service for Tkmax (2010-2017); BA2 Financial Institutions (2017- to date); Founder of  the Cartesians Academy (2019- to date), to support disadvantaged young people born in GB to get extra knowledge based on on their culture in response to cover-19. Teachers are former students to the same school.

Hamba used to be an adviser for Senator Barack Obama in Foreign Policy before the first term of his campaign in 2008.

ps. Tous ceux qui veulent investir en DRC et qui veulent les conseils en matières de development, environnement, urbanisme, agricultures, géographie humaine et regeneration.


Hamba is a modern great writer. Started by simple articles in newspapers / magazines readers were interested to read his stories. From this perspectives he started writing amazing books as shown on biography page.

1. Rediscovering the hidden world, the changing human geography of Kongo (2012); 

2. My Heart Bleeds, as the Kongo the centre of the world (2017);

3. AFRICA, the past-present & the future of the world (2018);

4. Brisons nos chaines (2019);

5. MIRADI, The Wanzola's testimony @2021.

Unpublished books:

Les aventures de Gimbila-kati/  la vérité des urnes/  

Children of the diaspora.

                                                                                                                           Empowering our Congolese Children for a better future

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