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COMMUNITYEmpirical evidence from across the globe demonstrates that the foundations for human development are laid down in early childhood, the first thousand days after conception being the most crucial for determining later outcomes. The child-centred approach looks at the child's holistic development. It will enable thechild to make decisions and solve problems. It allows the child to develop confidently
and independently. It contributes to self-esteem so the child can feel comfortable with who they are.

The cartesians academy however, is an active vibrant organisation within the community in London borough of Camden first, then others after. That is why we are aware of what happening around us. Last week a boy of 8 years old asked me why you carefully looking after children? I was not only shocked, but in the same time I was amazed for such a question at the from of his mum.
I responded him through the example of the academy's logo that puts a child in the centre of everything, with his tablet, riding a scooter, using the torch as a dashboard to see forward and in the same time to apply VAR his nearer past. Therefore, we are alongside a child to
empower them achieve their goals and to be important for the community.

Having asked this question, I prophesy that you will have a glorious  and radius future with a hope to volunteer in the academy after your university. Just believe and it will happen to you accordingly.
Congolese community is always in hiding, neglect coming forward with a clear plan to sell the their community and more over does not help enough their children through education. They rely to the British mainstream curriculum school only, while the Local Authority  is encouraging communities of colours to start educating their own children in their needs, languages, cultures, own way, etc to minimise crimes among them at the high risk to commit criminal activities. Reason why our school is to make our school busy, discipline, learn parent language and culture, and other general knowledge. the outcome is tremendously outstanding...
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