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Our Aims

The Objects of the Charity

  • To assist everyone with the necessary Education, ability and experience to advance in professional Music and Football/ judo to secure public recognition of the community as a RIGHT, according to UNICEF.

  • To facilitate the advancement in Numeracy and Literacy skills that will assist our students in their educational development. throughout primary and secondary school KS1 - KS4. 

  • To promote high standards of conduct and competence within the profession of Music and Football, to provide a means for measuring professional competence by practical testing or otherwise, and encourage embers to develop their skills and to progress within the profession.

  • Empowering Culture to disadvantaged young people aged 6 to 25 to achieve good grades in GCSE in London Borough of Camden. Though through the pandemic we have extended our range and anyone can join - Sign up to become a member now!

  • Helping parents affected for the post pandemic impact -under cover-19!

  • Reducing anti-social behaviour and crime among youth by providing a local and free extracurricular activity to participate in on weekends.

  • To provide new opportunities for our students and offer them a steady foundation to succeed! Parenting skills are provided as well as sustainable projects for men and women well being, especially from cover-19.

Hamba, Author  
CEO and Principal

Dr H. Wanzola is an initiator for LongLife sustainable education for disadvantaged young people in the London Borough of Camden to boost their knowledge in certain areas: Music, Sport, Outing, Numeracy and Literacy in a professional life.

What we do?

The Cartesians Mindset: We help to identify and remove major educational barriers facing young people in mainstream schools. We raise academic achievements by supporting our children alongside their general studies. Parents are supported in health / well being.

Our History


The Glory of the Lord Choir-GLC was founded on 16 March 1996 in London. Closed and reopened in 2012, merged as Camden Supplement School Link-CSSLC, which was again closed in 2016. Therefore, in 2019 the Cartesians Academy Supplementary School took this brand name, due to 25% of our young people killed by knife in London in 2007  was Congolese and the result in Maths and English in GCSE & A-Level was very low in comparison with other ethnic groups. Since this school is on, the anti-social behaviour and crime in street of London Camden is dramatically decreased, which is an outstanding achievement. If we have funding / donations the academy can build a successful future for generation to come, bank detail can be found below. As most organisations comply to social responsibility, which means they have charitable fund to release to poor. We are dealing with the vulnerable and disadvantaged young people to leave anti-social behaviour toward education. Therefore, your donations will help to achieve this and we will feed you back accordingly.


Please leave us a message with any queries you have.

We will try tp reply as soon as possible.

07553 181 765   &   07462 9108 20

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