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Please bear with our team as we continue to work very hard to provide a fully functioning site during this pandemic.
In the mean time, please contact us at the bottom of this page with any review or query you may have.

The UK poorest children aren't getting the education they deserve, Lace-up! The Academy wants to help give more Africans young people they best eduction they reserve? Hurry-up as places are very limited. We  can face many barriers and challenges within schools, that may lead to them not reaching their full academic potential, Our academy gives them opportunity to boost their talent & run away from anti-social behaviour. Mothers affected from Covid-19 are also encouraged to benefit from our services through parenting skills.
According to UN/ UNICEF, Education is not only a Need or a Want, but a Legal RIGHTS for every Child. See the link below for more information:
Teachers & Volunteers are still needed!

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What does the Cartesians Academy have to offer?


We are committed to creating an entertaining yet educational learning atmosphere for our young students!


Thus we offer an array of courses and activities for our young people to experience.

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Due to the pandemic we have had to halt a number of our services which require us to be face-to-face with our students.


But the good news is that ALL shall resume upon the easing of lockdown restrictions!



Young people  Th

The Cartesians Academy is dedicated to hearing the voices of our young people, and so last year we asked them what activity they would like to be introduced into our weekly courses.


Before the pandemic, our young people spoke, and opted to introduce Judo into our weekly courses for their physical, emotional and psychological well being.


Granting their wishes, we have decided to make contact with the British Judo Council (BJC) in order to provide the correct support for our students in this new and exciting practice!

We begun our Judo course for a brief period at the beginning of 2020 but halted teachings due to the pandemic.

Other projects on parents over Covi-19 and other issues related are being undertaken now.  


The Cartesians Academy is determined to come together with parents and establish a narrative that  is in keeping with our values of progress, success and strength in unity.


We will work as a cohesive unit, striving to create a fun, but stable and optimal learning atmosphere for our most important clients, the students.

But the job does not stop there! You can support us in so many ways!


Please get in touch with us if you have any queries, reviews or ideas that you think will help us to become better.


And yes, this does include enrolment! Please contact us at the bottom of this page where you can include your details and your child's name and age.



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